Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fit Issues

Happy Wednesday, Everyone.  It's been pretty quiet here the last few days because I've been slaving over my Vogue 5510 knockoff.  On Monday night, I finished everything but the zipper.  Last night, I pinned the zipper in place, went to try it on....

And, it's huge.  Like shapeless, frumpy, waist all in the wrong place huge.  I have no idea what went wrong, the muslin fit perfect.  I laid the muslin on top of my dress and it's somehow two inches larger.  The only change I made to the back bodice piece was adding a few inches of length, I didn't change anything about the width!


I was pretty unhappy to have to rip out my waistline stay. It looked so nice.


I ripped the waistline seam all the way out to the sides, and cut off the offending two extra inches of fabric.


I re-pulled my gathers to fit the smaller bodice, and stitched everything up.  Now, it fits perfectly in the waist, but I'm still having issues with the bust.  The right side is fine, and the left side is gaping all over the place.  The armhole is also considerably lower and half my bra hangs out.


I'm going to try one more time to fix it before this dress ends up being a really pretty dress...for someone else.


  1. getting the fit right can be SOOOO frustrating! i'm sorry to say this, but it makes me feel better to see someone else having similar problems to me. sorry, i don't have any great advice, seeing as i am only a learner sewer, but this kind of thing really drives me mad. i have realised it's not the "sewing" that's difficult, it's getting the perfect fit that is... good luck with resolving this

  2. I don't know if you saw your insiration pattern Vogue 5510 on my blog, but what you describe above is exactly the same problems I had whilst making up the Vogue. I gave up in the end as I was too inexperienced, but would love to give it another go as it's such a gorgeous pattern!

    Hope you get your fit right soon, it will give me a lot of hope if you do ;o)

  3. Yes, it was your blog! I forgot where I saw it, I had just saved the picture as "Vogue 5510 LOVE". Ha. I added you to my Google reader. I love your aprons!