Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Poor, sad, abandoned blog. I have been sewing, just nothing exciting enough to post about! I have been doing a lot of tailoring of existing clothes of mine, and buying fixer-uppers at thrift stores and  eBay and working on those. I think I get this way every fall? I lose my motivation to sew and revert to wearing leggings and sweater dresses every day. I really dislike fall and I just want to be warm and comfy. One thing that IS exciting enough to share is my Halloween costume. You all know I LOVE Halloween, and I start thinking about my costume way in advance.   I have no idea where this idea popped into my head, but one day I decided I wanted to dress as "All the Way" Mae, and I was set. A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies (and it was my first "date" with my still-best friend, in 1992!) Besides, I freaking love Madonna.

 photo tumblr_m6sw2qGI7j1qazwkm.jpg

My first mission was to find a pattern. I searched eBay and Etsy for weeks for the perfect 40's pattern, but I never found one that was quite right. They were either too formal, the wrong size, or too expensive. I set an eBay saved search for "double breasted dress pattern" and this 60's McCall popped up one day. It's a little bit too big, but for $6 I decided to work with it. I also found 3 yards of peach cotton twill on eBay.

 photo IMG_3196.jpg

Finding the uniform's patches proved to be difficult. I tried to find official ones, but I think they either don't exist or I missed the boat. I ended up outsourcing someone on Etsy to embroider the dress and hat for me. It didn't cost that much, either! I found the socks at Target, the belt and shoes at Goodwill, and I made the red cotton shorts.

 photo IMG_3015.jpg

I hadn't planned on wearing a wig, but I cut my hair really short a week ago. 8'!!! I wasn't going to go so short, but my stylist said a couple more inches and I could donate it, so I said do it. I really love it! It's super cute and takes like 3 minutes to style. And I found pretty much the perfect wig. It was a "burlesque girl" wig, and it had the perfect curls and rolled bangs.

 photo IMG_3157.jpg

 photo IMG_3168.jpg
 photo 1385453_10151654989981717_62383360_n.jpg

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I loved this costume so much!! I am going out again this Saturday just so I can wear it again. I kind of want to wear it to work on Thursday, too. I got so many compliments! And I wish I had kept tally of guys who yelled "There's no crying in baseball!" at me. Haha. I still think Effie Trinket was my favorite costume ever, but I am pretty proud of this one, too.

I hHope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!