Monday, April 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award


I'm so excited to be bestowed this honor by Molly of Molly's Sewing and Garage Sale Adventures.  The only thing I had been previously nominated for is "Most Likely To Forget Which Class I'm In" in middle school.  So, thanks!

The deal is, you post 7 things about yourself and then list 7 blogs you are reading.  Here goes.

1.  I used to be the pickiest eater in the world.  Up until a couple years ago, I hated strawberries, cream cheese, sushi, most cooked vegetables, hummus, tea, tomato products (I would scrape the sauce off pizza, seriously), mushrooms, etc.  I've gotten much better and I now love all those things on my former hate list.  My only holdouts are organ meats, ketchup, and onions.  No thanks.

2.  I have freakishly large hands, with really skinny fingers.  They're as big as my husband's but I wear a size 4.5 ring.  I should have become a piano player. 

3.  I was not allowed to have pets growing up, except for a bird, so the first thing I did when I moved out was procured two cats.  Their names are Bone and Lamb and they are 9 this year!

4.  My New Year's Resolution in 2009 was to not eat fast food and I haven't broken it yet.  I count "fast food" as anything with a drive-through, so like McDonalds, Taco Bell, KFC, Wendy's, and so on.  The only time I sort of cheated was about a year ago and I was in the middle of nowhere, and it was either Dairy Queen or starvation.

5.  I haven't bought clothes at the mall since I started sewing.  New clothes don't excite me at all.  I prefer sewing my own lately and I also like thrifting and vintage stores for the thrill of the hunt.

6.  I have the cutest husband in the world.  Fact.

7.  I live for warm weather.  In the summer, I am outside as much as I possibly can.  Nothing makes me happier than sunshine on my face and a pretty sundress, and having beers on a patio.

Blogs I am currently loving:

Ellie from Good Morning Idea
Sara from Ohhh Lulu
Kate from Orange K8
Astrid from Sew Sixties
Vintage Girl
Camelias and Crinolines
Sam from All things quilty....and sewy


  1. Aw thanks Amy, you're awesome! I also wanted to email you about a project I am thinking of... would you be able to email me with your email address? Mine is samantha.kelly84(at)gmail(dot)com Sam xox

  2. Hi Amy!
    I found you through Sam's blog and enjoyed perusing your blog. I'm going to add you to my blogroll if you don't mind. A girl can never have too many crafty blog friends! Mary

  3. Your hands are not freakishly large! :)