Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Flag Day Simplicity 5891

Mike and I are having a Flag Day party next Friday, well, really for no other reason than it's been a long time since we've had a party and we're due.  We're going to wear patriotic clothing, drink beer, play games, and grill meats.  America!  Fuck Yeah.

So, I need a dress.  I wanted something with stars, maybe, and definitely stripes, and obviously red white & blue.  I ended up finding some cream Swiss dot with a red and blue floral pattern that I fell in love with.  It's nowhere near as tacky as I imagined, but hey, now I can wear it on days other than patriotic holidays.

I used Simplicity 5891, which I have made several times before.  I made a wearable muslin back in 2011.  Then I made the real thing using some sheer white shirting with blue polka dots.  The pattern sat idle for a few years before I dug it out to make a collarless version, which became my ill-fated Thanksgiving Dress.  Then it redeemed itself with another collarless version, this time with the pencil skirt, to be worn to a Christmas party


Despite past problems, I really do like this pattern.  The skirt is pretty full, but it uses pleats for fullness instead of gathers.  I love me some gathered skirts, but it's nice to change things up a bit.  I did things a little bit differently this time.  The pattern has a back zip, but I changed it to a side zip.  The fabric is pretty thin/sheer, so I wanted as few seams as possible.  I also slightly lowered the neckline, both in front and back. The skirt pieces aren't meant to be cut on the fold, but my fabric was wide enough, so I did. I think a seam running down the front would be pointless and distracting, anyway. I did French seams on my skirt.

 photo IMG_2434.jpg

And Hong Kong seams on my bodice. I have a shoebox of packages of double-fold bias tape, so I better start using it.

 photo IMG_2432.jpg

Speaking of bias tape, I used it for binding the armholes and neckline. I used a pretty blue and white polka dot tape and it looks adorable and was super easy to do. You know what? Fuck facings. I am never doing them again.

 photo IMG_2431.jpg

 I even finished my waistband! The fabric was thin and gauzy, so in addition to looking nice and neat, it reinforces the seam.

 photo IMG_2435.jpg

It looks just as clean inside out as it does right side in.

 photo IMG_2433.jpg

My only flub was the zipper. It looks mostly good, except it pulls away a little where the bodice meets the skirt. I will have to fix that. I think that's because it got too thick due to the bias tape I used to finish the waistband. I should have had it end before the zipper. I did a lapped zipper and I hand-picked the part you can see.

 photo IMG_2430.jpg photo IMG_2429.jpg

And here's some shots of the finished dress. I don't want to wait a whole week to wear it, so it's going to make it's debut at a birthday party this Saturday!

 photo IMG_2427.jpg photo IMG_2425.jpg  photo IMG_2428.jpg

 photo IMG_2426.jpg


  1. What a pretty dress! And I am also a fan of well used profanity. It cracked me up in spite of myself. I like your solution for no facings!

    1. Ha! I don't swear much in real life but it seemed appropriate here.

  2. This is a great dress and definitely not just for patriotic holidays.

  3. Gorgeous dress! I think we are due for a party. We haven't had a party in ages. And I do love planning them! Oh and I never do facings. I'm all about bias binding. It's so much faster and just as neat. Plus I always find facings stick out during the day.

  4. How pretty!

  5. Beautiful dress! Well done!