Friday, May 3, 2013

Me-Made May '13 Week 1 Wrap-up

I'm so happy I decided to do MMM this year!  The last time I tried to participate, it was in March, and I totally failed.  I made it 5 days before I quit and went back to sweater dreses and leggings.  I tend to not care how I look in the winter and default to something warm and cozy.   But the second that snow thaws, I am all sundresses, all the time.  Coincidentally, that is what I love to sew most, so I have a huge abundance of summer clothes.

Day one! It was hot and sunny outside, so I decided to take advantage of the weather and start with a dress that doesn't work well with tights or a cardigan.

 photo 29B2B737-2F13-44A6-8917-9D3FE485A6AF-6012-00000CC0D64098E8.jpg

Simplicity 5822 from 1964, made by me way back in June 2011 out of cotton eyelet.

Day two!  The weather got chilly so I skipped the dresses and went for a blouse with my favorite pink Gap jeans.

 photo AC388747-94F3-4DC9-81E1-2A8BA151BC46-6012-00000CC0DA79A17F.jpg
Colette Patterns Sencha from February 2011 (one of my oldest homemade garments still in rotation!), made out of thrifted chambray and vintage white shell buttons.

Day Three!  Even colder out, and it's Friday, so I decided to wear another blouse with jeans.

 photo C22D7AC0-6F33-4E4A-853C-DC1EA075226B-6012-00000CC0E06942A1.jpg
Another Sencha, from sometime in Summer 2012, this time with the keyhole neckline.  Made with rayon challis from Vogue Fabrics and vintage gray shell buttons.

Bonus day!  This was from Tuesday when it was 90 degrees out.

 photo 3E5F8C50-F81E-4803-830C-A7385F4C1281-6012-00000CC0CFC2B034.jpg

Thrifted vintage dress and cardigan dyed by me.

I didn't actually make anything I'm wearing, but the dress is thrifted vintage that I altered to fit. It was too tight in the waist, so I let out the side seams a bit and two pleats in the skirt, one on either side of the zipper. I have been looking for a yellow cardigan forever with no luck, so I bought a white one and dyed it. It's my ode to Zooey.

 photo 3657f67f-5203-4de5-b7fb-ccf1663d721b.jpg
I'm really looking forward to the nice weather in the upcoming week and more sundresses! Plus, a derby party tomorrow!

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  1. You've made such a sweet start, looking forward to seeing the rest ;o)