Friday, May 10, 2013

MMM Week 2 Wrap-Up

The first full week of Me-Made May is done!  I am sticking to my pledge and loving everything I've worn. The only thing I am NOT enjoying are the daily photos.  I suck balls and posing and I feel so awkward.  And is my bun always so crooked??  Jeez.  I need a new pose and a new hairdo.

On Day 4, I was heading to brunch and a Kentucky Derby party in the daytime, and then dinner and drinks for a friend's birthday in the evening.  My BIL is getting married at the end of the month, and my husband was hosting the bachelor party.  At 12:30, 10 dudes were descending upon my house to drink beer and grill meats.  At noon sharp, I made my exit.  I came home twelve hours later to find puke splatters on the toilet bowl, so I think I made the right choice in getting the hell out of there.  ANYWAY, I wore my new pink seersucker dress that I blogged about earlier this week.

 photo C735A603-E0EF-45AF-A124-8CA4775F90CE-5925-00000CB03A2C69D0.jpg

On Day 5, I sort of cheated. I went to a Cinco de Mayo party and wanted to wear something Mexican-inspired, but I hadn't sewn anything that worked. So I wore this vintage dress. It IS homemade, just not by me. It was a little chilly that day, so I wore my blue coat. That can count as my me-made item.

 photo IMG_2245.jpg

 Days 6-10 (aka, the work week) I wore a bunch of dresses you have all seen a million times before.

 photo IMG_2254-1.jpg  photo 40E6D304-5064-4102-AC82-768084841B86-422-000000E4750210BE.jpg  photo IMG_4479.jpg  photo IMG_2264.jpg
 photo 0B4B0AA3-88D5-42BB-B996-773597487FAC-1357-0000029ABE1C4FA2.jpg

Day 6: Butterick Retro 5209 sewn January 2011
Day 7: Colette Chantilly sewn March 2013 (recycled photo, I couldn't get my shit together that morning)
Day 8: New Look 6457 sewn December 2010 (also a recycled photo.  I looked at the one Mike took and immediately went inside and fixed my hair)
Day 9: New Look 6723 sewn sometime in Winter 2011
Day 10: Sewaholic Alma blouse sewn August 2012

I bet everyone is thinking "girl needs a new cardigan and a new style of dress".  Oh wait, that is what I am thinking.  Looking at these photos, I am seeing that I basically always make the same style of dress (fitted bodice, gathered skirt) and I could stand to try something with a new silhouette.  There are definitely some holes in my wardrobe I need filling. For sure I need more blouses, and dresses with tailored skirts. 

I have a pretty packed weekend ahead, so I'm excited to wear more of my "going out" dresses.  I hope everyone else participating in MMM is enjoying it as much as I am!


  1. I love all your dresses! You looked adorable each day last week.

  2. Great job on MMM! I really love your pink dress, keeping an eye out for some seersucker myself now :)
    Freya May

  3. All your clothes look great, this retro style suits you very well!

  4. I seriously love your handmade wardrobe! And there's nothing wrong with wearing what suits you, I don't think you have to change anything ;o)

  5. I pretty much sew the same dresses all the time too. Fitted top, full skirt. My basic "uniform" is a dress and a cardi. You're not alone. Just recently I made a few rayon challis blouses and I looove wearing them. I think I'll start trying more tops and I've got my eye on the anise pattern gem colette. I've never done a jacket before.

  6. Um. I meant "from" not gem. Lol

  7. Looking great! Some really fabulous outfits there :)