Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Inspiration Dress DONE!

I had a super busy weekend, but I still managed to squeeze in some sewing. My scalloped trim arrived from eBay on Friday, so I got up early Saturday to finish my dress in time for the Kentucky Derby. I didn't end up using the floral appliques I bought on eBay. My friend Marylee let me pillage her stash and she had some that were WAY better! I sewed the scalloped trim on by machine, and the floral appliques by hand. I am thrilled with how it turned out. Just like the original!

 photo Pinkdress.jpg

Marylee could only find 5 flowers but thought she had more of the same somewhere else, so I just put on 4 and saved room for if another one turns up. I bought buttons too and totally forgot to sew them on! Whoops. I went to a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday and I couldn't decide between these two dresses, so I took a poll on Instagram.

 photo 8B7DADDD-83DE-4C93-BFF8-0C9239FF95F4-8165-00001028F6040453.jpg

Pink won!  It was SUPER bright out that day and I was squinty in every picture that was in the sun, so sorry for the dark shaded photo.  You all know what my face looks like.

 photo B07EF678-41A1-4045-A6FF-39AE7CBECADD-8165-00001028FF710F9D.jpg
I did wear a hat, but I completely forgot about it when I was taking pictures. It was a vintage 60's fascinator with three huge white silk roses. I originally wore it for my bachelorette party because I felt silly in a veil. I was happy to give it another wear! The derby party was really fun. I missed the actual race due to having early dinner plans, but it was still really nice to get dressed up and have a mint julep and see everyone in their fancy hats and dresses. I love any excuse to dress up!

I have a wedding that falls during Me-Made May, so I am making a dress! It's going to be a very Betty Draper cupcakey dress. I'm using a Vintage Vogue pattern and this great fabric from an estate sale. It's lined and underlined, so it's slow-going. I did the muslin on Saturday morning and liked how it was turning out, so I cut into my good fabric yesterday. I've almost gotten the bodice assembled.

 photo 772B5143-470B-455C-ADBC-EAF724596AB3-8165-000010290AB33968.jpg

I hope to have it done by the end of the week, because I have about a million other things I want to start on!


  1. The dress look great! Just like the other one! I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference until you mentioned that there weren't enough flowers. I'm excited to see the dress you make for the wedding!

  2. Your finished dress is lovely, and the one you are currently sewing looks like it is going to be just as lovely too!

  3. It's perfect!! This is so inspiring! It makes me want to go reproduce something lovely!

  4. love it - really gorgeous! can't wait to see the new one too!

  5. Oooo!! Love love love! Beautiful dress. And your next project looks like it will be lovely too!

  6. The pink dress is beautiful! What an interesting project, to recreate a vintage piece. I look forward to the betty dress!

  7. It's lovely and looks exactly like the vintage one. I love the fabric you're using for your next dress as well.