Friday, May 17, 2013

MMM Week 3 Wrap-Up

Otherwise known as, the week that I got tired of taking daily pictures. I tried guys, I really did! One day I took a good picture and accidentally deleted it, but I have no good excuse for the others. Just laziness, I guess. I am still wearing/loving all my homemade items. In FACT, I am thinking that I might be done with store-bought clothes for a while (with the exception of underwear, knits, and jeans) and just make things or buy vintage.

Day 11 I sewed a white eyelet top and put it right on. It's not really what I would consider a "going-out" top but I really really wanted to wear it anyway. Mike and I went out for Mexican and margaritas, and then met a bunch of friends at a reggae show.

 photo IMG_2287.jpg

Day 12 was Mother's Day, and I wore Chantilly #2. Not much more I can say about this other than it's my favorite pattern ever and I have more white eyelet and if my sewing room was not in shambles again I would probably be making a 5th.

 photo DSCN0863.jpg

Day 13, I wore the white eyelet blouse again. DON'T JUDGE. No one but Mike saw me wear it twice. On Day 14, I wore a white sailor dress sewn from vintage Simplicity 5891, but I neglected to take a picture. I can't find where I originally blogged about it - I'm guessing sometime in spring 2011? I think this dress would look really cute with a red cardigan (I wore a purple one) so I will be on the hunt for one. It has some issues, which I will probably get around to fixing. The collar comes up too high in the back, the zipper teeth show a little too much for my liking, and you can see the armhole facings through the fabric.

 photo IMG_4783.jpg

Day 15 I wore my Michael Miller Bicycle dress. It's Bike to Work Week in Milwaukee and since I can't do that, I wore a dress WITH bikes TO work. That counts, right? This is the day I took a picture and accidentally deleted it. So, sorry for the recycled photo. I really tried.

 photo 008.jpg

Today it is cold and rainy, but I decided to ignore the weather and wear a dress anyway. I'm running out of me-made tops, and I don't know where my jeans are because my whole bedroom is crammed into the hallway (for carpet installation). I never blogged about this dress because it's pretty basic. Also, once I got to work I realized I had it on backwards and I had to go in the bathroom and turn it around.  It's a poly remnant from Vogue Fabrics, and I didn't use a pattern.

 photo 077A7D97-6265-4085-A929-4A60E57972F3-7154-00000AD1783BF7B9.jpg

I traced this dress, which is probably my most-worn item of clothing. I bought it last year in New York at a store called Necessary Fashion, which was basically Forever 21 but things were actually normal sizes.

 photo IMG_0359.jpg

The neckline binding isn't perfect (I didn't have enough fabric to cut it on a true bias), but otherwise I really like this dress. It's comfy and cheerful. So that's it for Week 3, and I will really try to take better pictures next week!


  1. Love the Chintally dress (all of them, tbh), and that bike dress! Was looking at that fabric on ebay just yesterday! xxx

  2. That eyelet blouse looks adorable over jeans! I love your Me-Made dress collection! You have so many!

  3. Love the blue floral dress! It looks great with you coat.

  4. I love your wardrobe! Especially the bicycle dress.

  5. Love your bicycle dress!! Also, your boots in the last picture (I know you didn't make them, but they are still cute :))