Monday, February 4, 2013

State of the Sewing Room Address

Hello!  Long time, no post.  Not without good reason, though!  This is what my sewing room currently looks like:

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We bought our house over three years ago, and we had always intended to rip up the carpeting upstairs. It's on our long list of projects, along with adding skylights to the upstairs hallway, putting new tile in the kitchen, and bulldozing the upstairs bathroom. The people we bought the house from had two huge white dogs, and I swear I am still finding clumps of dog hair in the corners. Plus, it's just worn out, I have an orange tabby that pukes a lot, and I generally dislike carpet.

There's a Zillmer family rule about renovating, which goes something like:

1) Decide you want to renovate something
2) Shop around for things you like
3) Pick something out
4) Argue for 6 months
5) Forget that you ever decided on doing a renovation
6) Do nothing
7) Go look at samples again

That's basically why our living room had 6 different color swatches painted on it for a year and a half. We move slow around here. I think we actually picked out wood floors over a year ago, and just never did anything. Finally last Thursday, I said "I'm ripping this shit up". And I DID. It was awesome. What was even more awesome was throwing the rolled-up carpet off the balcony. I love doing that! I threw a chair off the balcony last year and it was so satisfying. I was hoping for a wood surprise (heh) underneath the carpet, but it's just plywood subfloor. Our house is over 120 years old, so I suspect there is just unfinished wood planks under the plywood. My husband says "someone put it there for a reason" and wouldn't pull it up to see. So yesterday, we ACTUALLY WENT AND BOUGHT WOOD. This is big, people. We are actually doing this!

Since my sewing room is the smallest, we decided to start there first. So everything of mine is packed up and moved into the guest bedroom. I tried sewing on Saturday, but I just don't feel inspired in there, with all the clutter and everything in inconvenient places. So I might be taking a break for a while. I still have some un-blogged about finished projects to share, so it won't totally be radio silence over here. I have maybe 4 things I finished but haven't worn yet. Plus, I stole the blue coat back from my Mom - I don't like the way the hem was laying, so I got some horsehair canvas interfacing to give it a little weight and make it hang straighter. Also, I am a dummy and forgot to sew on the pocket flaps. So once I finish that (luckily I can do it all by hand) I will share some photographs.

We also went furniture shopping yesterday. We haven't actually had decent bedroom furniture in the 6 years we've lived together. We just have a bed with no headboard, and our dresser and side tables were things scrounged from family members and painted black. The problem is, there is a window about 44" from the floor, so it's really hard to find a bed that fits underneath. Everything at furniture stores are so oversized and overdesigned and truthfully, hideous. I found one I liked at CB2 (of course) so I think I will just have to save up and splurge. I did find one cool piece of furniture yesterday, though. In my parents' basement!! This awesome mid-century modern dresser that belonged to my great aunt Harriet. In the bedroom it goes, on Craigslist goes the ugly spray painted dresser!

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See, there's some of the nasty carpet.  I can't wait for it all to be GONE!


  1. ohhh i am jealous of your dresser!! the treasures we can find in our parents basements! and yay to a new sewing room! i am working on mine, a process that is scarily similar to yours...

  2. I love your family rules!! Sound just like mine but swap 6 months for about 4 years!! It's all the disruption that I can't face. Good luck with it all, and I hope you get your sewing room back soon.

  3. I think the Zillmer renovating rule applies to all decision made in that family!

  4. That's a cool dresser and I agree, carpet just doesn't work with pets. Ick. Go wood floors!