Thursday, October 27, 2011

Update to my fabric drama

I got an email from today apologizing for the short email and offering to credit my account. The fabric was navy and was posted wrong on their website.  So I have a few yards of actual black crepe on their way to me!  Yay!

The navy skirt will definitely not go to waste. I found some navy and red cherry-print rayon and I'm just going to cut a new bodice.  As for the other 3 yards, I'm not sure!  I guess I will just keep it in my stash until the need for navy arises.

So,, we are good.  Your customer service does not, in fact, suck.


  1. Yay for them coming through in the end

  2. It does suck. I have twice returned stuff to them without them ever crediting me. I have also had unexplained delays --- like weeks --- to my order being shipped. Now I only order from and The stuff and prices are better anyway, and the websites are easier to navigate.