Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hey Fashion Fabrics Club - your customer service sucks!

A few weeks ago, I ordered from for the first time.  I needed some black crepe, and I don't like synthetic fabrics, and they had a 100% rayon crepe and I thought it was my lucky day!  I ordered 4 yards, thinking I could make a new orchestra dress and knock off a couple of those Miu Miu dresses.  It came, I liked how it felt, and I set it aside for later.

Two nights ago, I finally got around to using it.  The lighting in my sewing room isn't the greatest.  My husband was like "is that blue?" and I was all, no, it's black!  I cut out a pattern for a skirt and started sewing.  After a seam or two, I was like "This IS blue!"

Look, totally blue:


Did I order the right thing? Sure did:


I had used less than a yard for the skirt, and I still had three left.  I sent the following email to their customer service:


RE: Order 520551

I ordered 4 yards of item #7069 black crepe suiting. I just got around to sewing with it yesterday and after I cut out my pieces and started to sew, I noticed the fabric was NAVY! Not black. I compared it to some black and navy fabric I owned and it's definitely blue. I have three yards (and a useless, half-finished dress) left and I was wondering if I'd be able to send it back in exchange for black? It is definitely not what I was expecting to receive. Thanks! Amy

I got the following lovely one line response:

We are not able to accept fabric back that has already been cut.
Uh, that's not fair!  I am not asking for anything for free, I am not asking to exchange fabric I didn't like, I just want to get what I ordered!  I think they are being completely unreasonable and there's no excuse for them not exchanging the fabric that they sent me in error.  I just want what I paid for.
So now I am stuck with 3 yards of navy crepe.  Can I dye it?  Does anyone have a dye recommendation?  I can safely say I am definitely NOT ordering from ever again.  What a waste of money.


  1. Sort of. It's regenerated cellulose fiber, so it's technically a synthetic fabric made from natural materials.