Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Did It.

I took the plunge.  These are arriving in 2-4 days.


I feel shaky and sweaty palmed in a "what did I just do?" kind of way.  They have been selling out like crazy and I checked online for the hundredth time this week, and one website had the pink, and only in my size.  It's a sign, right?  So I did it.  My birthday is Thursday and I hope they arrive in time!

And just to prove even more of what a crazyperson I am, I got up early this morning and made a dress to go with them. I sewed a dress to go with shoes I had not yet purchased. 


I will for sure post a picture of them together when they arrive, and more about the dress!

To assuage my guilt, I listed 12 vintage patterns and a yard of the leftover fabric on Etsy.  You can find them here if you are interested.  They are mostly 36 bust and from 1948-1965ish.

My Etsy Sales

I also made a sizable donation to the American Council of the Blind thrift store (clothes and shoes) and listed a pair of Nine West boots on eBay.  I feel happy and relieved!


  1. Those are amazing shoes! Sometimes, you just HAVE to take the plunge and do something a little wild! I like to think of this as being selectively frugal: save money on almost everything, and then splurge on something fantabulous! Congratulations! ~ Peggy

  2. I agree with Peggy, and happy almost birthday!

  3. Mmm, I'm glad you did. I've been drooling over these so hard! And now I can live vicariously through you, bwahaha...

    Happy Birthday!