Monday, September 2, 2013

One Pattern Seven Bloggers - The Reveal!

I was sewing up until 2 minutes ago, but I finally got my Macaron done in time for the big reveal!  I wouldn't say this pattern is difficult, but there are a LOT of small pieces, lots of seams (and lots of seam finishing!) and the pleats on the skirt about killed me. It was a lot of work, but I think my dress turned out really similar to my inspiration dress.

 photo IMG_6458.jpg

I LOVE the bodice so hard. Dare I say more than anything I've ever sewn. It was such a treat to put together and I really took my time on it, making sure each seam was matched up perfectly and finished on the inside.

 photo IMG_6460.jpg

I used the lace's natural edge for the sleeves, so obviously I had to disregard the instructions and just wing it. I also slightly lowered the neckline in the front and back.

 photo IMG_6454.jpg

I think it's going to be a great party dress. I'm invited to two weddings next month and I'm sure it will make an appearance at one of them.

 photo IMG_6462.jpg

 For the lace, I trimmed the seams to 1/4" and overlocked them. I wasn't sure how to bind the neckline, and after lots of failed Google searches for "sheer bias binding", I just used some narrow lace trim to bind it.

   photo IMG_2934.jpg  photo IMG_2933-1.jpg    photo IMG_2935.jpg  photo IMG_2937.jpg

So here's the deal. I LOVE the bodice, but I am "eh" on the skirt. It's really not my style, the short bubble skirt. I would like it much better if it was a little longer, a little more a-line, and gathered. I really want to love the whole dress, so I might actually cut a new skirt. We'll see.

I had so much fun doing this challenge!  I hope we can make it a yearly thing.  Please make sure to check out my fellow stitcher's Macarons because they are all gorgeous.

Rachel - My Messings

And now for the giveaway!  We had a staggering 711 entries and needless to say, I was a little overwhelmed (and thrilled!) by the huge response to our little challenge.  Thank you SO much to all of the generous sponsors and everyone who read and commented. 
Lil- 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Colette Patterns 
Josephine - 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Guthrie & Ghanie 
MaciNic - 1 x Macaron Pattern thanks to Stitch 56

Elizabeth - 1 x Pattern of your choice thanks to Sew Squirrel
Kathleen S - 1 x Colette Pattern of your choice thanks to Indie Stitches 
Joanne - 1 x Colette Pattern of your choice thanks to The Haby Goddess
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  1. This looks fantastic! I love the green and white combo. That lace is just gorgeous! It has the perfect border for those sleeves. I quite like the skirt. It looks nice on you! I totally understand what your saying though with it not being your style. Next time I make macaron I want to swap the skirt out for a circle skirt.

  2. it's absolutely goregous! I just made a caridgan that colour so i might be a bit bias..

    I love the skirt.

  3. It is a great dress! Beautiful color and the lace is just right for the dress

  4. The lace bodice is killer, and I love how you used the edges of the lace on the sleeves. This will be so cute to wear to a wedding

  5. so fancy! you did a great job, especially with the finishings. i always find it makes a frock feels even more special when i know the insides are pretty. about the skirt, i know what you mean. maybe it just needs to be a bit longer?

  6. Oooooooh my goodness you gorgeous creature - amazing! I love that you used the lace edge for the sleeves, it's so pretty. And you look like the funnest party girl out there with that bottle haha! LOVE this dress Amy! xx

  7. So gorgeous!!! You're not keen on the short bubble skirt? I LOVE the short bubble skirt on you :) A case of a bit more wear might get you used to the idea?? It's so very pretty :)

  8. Beautiful! Love that lime green with the white lace! I love weddings - best excuse to get dressed up.

  9. Wow, the lace and green look amazing together. It is gorgeous!

  10. This is sooooo beautiful Amy! And personally, I think you really have a figure that suits this skirt...but if you're not keen then I guess changing it to something you love is a better idea ;o)

  11. This is such a lovely dress! I really like what you did with the bodice. I know what you mean about all the parts to the dress (and seam finishes -- I thought I would never finish sewing!) and I agree with you about the skirt being longer and aline. Having said that, I think it looks great in this incarnation.

  12. WOW! This looks exactly like your inspiration post! Just gorgeous, I love the colours :)

    I really really like the skirt on the Macaron, but I did end up lengthening mine a touch so it wasn't as short. I think the skirt really suits you :)

  13. Amy, this is the best! SO SO SO Gorgeous! I have a few bubble skirts that I just never feel right in, but this is really pretty. Kudos.

  14. Wow, I wanted to make a dress like the Valentino one, and was trying to figure out how to go about it. I love your dress, and I think it's even better than the Valentino. Thanks for the idea - I'm off to buy the Macaron pattern now :)

  15. This is so beautiful! Great job, and I think the shape is perfect.
    Freya May

  16. It's cute and the shape of the skirt really suits you!

  17. Is it too late to say I LOVE THIS!!! I love the colours, the shape - everything about it. You did a great job and this is the best Macaron I have seen.