Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chantilly #2

I finished my second Colette Chantilly last night and wore it to work today.  I could just keep churning these out, for real!  I love this dress so much.  It's so flattering, and there are no frustrating moments when sewing it.  You know, like when you get to a part of the pattern that you absolutely  dread, and you have to sort of talk yourself into going forward?  For me it's usually doing facings, or when you sew in the lining and then have to turn it right-side out.  Yeah, none of those.

For version 2, I used a poly from Vogue Fabrics. I don't usually like to sew with poly, but this seemed less flammable than most, and the hearts/dots were cute. The pattern envelope says 3 yards of 60", which I call b.s. on, because I got this made up out of 2 yards of 60" fabric with a one-way directional print. Okay, I had an epiphany while sewing this dress. It turned out really beautiful. So did my last dress. What did those have in common? They were made from actual apparel fabrics, from the apparel section. I usually make things out of whatever thrift store sheet, quilting cotton, or mystery estate sale fabric I come across, and the majority of them turn out looking like shit. So maybe I should can it with the thrifted mystery fibers and actually buy real apparel fabric MEANT for apparel? Ha.

 photo 91A02ABE-F0DC-4F74-A31C-4AFCD9CF0711-6344-00000BA48419F1C6.jpg

I love the deep scoopy back.

 photo 453B3216-77DC-4EBC-AF91-1630DFB17D13-6344-00000BA4898DA73C.jpg

And it twirls!

 photo 5856E50E-4E0F-4EB3-87F3-E8F219BFDD2D-6344-00000BA48F0B9B33.jpg
 photo E96BC6E4-7874-497B-844E-117BBFEBF291-6344-00000BA49969EC18.jpg

This dress makes me so happy!

 photo E6F2551D-BA4A-4A75-A75C-E1ACB060F1A5-6344-00000BA49EAFF3CF.jpg

Okay, I feel silly. Stop taking my picture.

 photo 9A5D4F7C-D129-4742-B91D-92821746E3D0-6344-00000BA4A398A707.jpg

And one last shot for y'all, of the bodice. Look how crisp and pretty my waistband looks! This fabric gathered like a DREAM. It was the best. I think I'll be making a trip to Vogue soon to pick up a few more poly prints.

 photo 30EDFBBD-CD94-4614-AC85-E9F48271F9FB-6344-00000BA4ACAE6BF4.jpg

And now I need to go hide this pattern away before I make it in 5 other fabrics!


  1. Ooh! Pretty! And if it was me, I would definitely make it in another five fabrics. :)

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the fabric.

  3. Cute! I love the fabric. And the Chantilly really is so flattering, I'm about to finish my first one :)

  4. That dress is wondereful! Really love the fabric, and the style suits you to a T. Make more! Make more! xxx

  5. Gorgeous and beautifully made! I don't think your other things come out badly at all though, I'm a huge fan of your makes ;o)

    1. Thank you! I love all of your projects too.

      I made some things recently that were not blog-worthy. I only show you guys the good stuff!

  6. Another great Chantilly! I have no problem seeing more of these from you...may inspire me to pull mine out.

  7. I love this dress and also the styling! The waistband does look utterly impeccable, and the print is adorable too. I have a bad habit of sewing with quilting fabric too, I just can't resist those damn cute prints!